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FAHRENHEIT 451 OR A “NEW CAFÉ”? Old and new issues on political participation
Maria João Simões (Maria João Simões); Antónia do Carmo Barriga (Barriga, A. C.); Nuno Amaral Jerónimo (Jerónimo, N. A.); Fábio Rafael Augusto (Augusto, F. R.);
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Does e-participation enhance, or not, citizens’ political participation? Such a debate implies identifying whether there are contexts of social change and/or social reproduction, and, if change actually occurs, which direction it takes. When it comes to online political participation, it is necessary to highlight whether there is some continuity from the offline form of participation and if some new features of the online participation challenge democratic societies. Regardless of the optimism and pessimism in the field of (e-)participation, this article presents a reflective discussion on crucial issues impacting on political e-participation. More specifically, it discusses social inequalities in political participation as well as surveillance and threat posed to free political choices. In addition, it discusses how the public sphere and citizens’ (informed) political participation are challenged by the use algorithms, fake news, political propaganda and manipulation without public scrutiny.
  • Sociologia - Ciências Sociais