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Formalizing enrichment mechanisms for bibliographic ontologies in the Semantic Web
Helena Simões Patrício (Patrício, H. S.); Maria Inês Cordeiro (Cordeiro, M. I.); Pedro Ramos (Ramos, P. N.);
Communications in Computer and Information Science
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This paper presents an analysis of current limitations to the reuse of bibliographic data in the Semantic Web and a research proposal towards solutions to overcome them. The limitations identified derive from the insufficient convergence between existing bibliographic ontologies and the principles and techniques of linked open data (LOD); lack of a common conceptual framework for a diversity of standards often used together; reduced use of links to external vocabularies and absence of Semantic Web mechanisms to formalize relationships between vocabularies, as well as limitations of Semantic Web languages for the requirements of bibliographic data interoperability. A proposal is advanced to investigate the hypothesis of creating a reference model and specifying a superontology to overcome the misalignments found, as well as the use of SHACL (Shapes Constraint Language) to solve current limitations of RDF languages.
Bibliographic data,Bibliographic standards,Linked open data,LOD validation,Ontologies,Reference model,Semantic Web,SHACL
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