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Global Identitarianism
José Zúquete (Zúquete, J.); Riccardo Marchi (Marchi, R.);
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Global Identitarianism is about the global spread of the new far-right ideology and social movement Identitarianism. Founded in France in 2003, Identitarianism has inspired a range of groups such as Generation Identity in Europe and the alt-right in America. It has been spread by a far-right constellation that includes white nationalist direct action groups, think tanks, ‘alternative media’ organizations, social media ‘celebrities’, and political candidates. This book explores the global reach of this contentious far-right social movement using examples from Europe, North America, Australia, and South America. It will be essential reading for scholars and activists alike with an interest in race relations, fascism, extremism, migration studies, and social movements.
This research was supported by funding from Fundação para a Ciência e Tecnologia, I.P. as part of the project with reference number PTDC/CPO -CPO/28748/2017
Far Right,Identitarian movements