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Inter-sectoral relations to accelerate technological innovation systems formation: determinants of actors‘ entry into marine renewable energy technologies
Nuno Bento (Bento, N.); Maria Fontes (Fontes, M.); Juliana Barbosa (Barbosa, J.);
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11th International Sustainability Transitions Conference, August 16-21
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New technologies are necessary to address climate change, but their development and implementation can have different impacts on decarbonizing the energy system and transforming the economy (Vona, 2019). This work adds to previous efforts to conceptualize how technology innovation interacts with the context (Bergek et al., 2015) and particularly affects industrial change (Fontes et al., 2019; Dolata, 2009). The context influences the development of complementary interactions with existing sectors, which are critical to access key resources and markets, but this requires organizational and institutional changes that remain little understood (Markard and Hoffman, 2016). This study aims to address the central question: Which are the conditions that enable a new technology to involve the largest number of sectors and induce their transformation? This leads us to answer two sub-questions: Which factors lead firms to engage with new technology innovation?; and how the interaction with the technology creates change in the firms and the context?