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Interactions between party and legislative quotas: candidate selection and quota compliance in Portugal and Spain
Tània Verge (Verge, T.); Ana Espírito-Santo (Espírito-Santo, A.);
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Government and Opposition
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About two decades after the introduction of party quotas, in the mid-2000s both Portugal and Spain enacted legislative gender quotas. The simultaneous implementation of party and legislative quotas raises questions about the potential interactions between two types of candidate quotas sharing the same goal granting gender equality in political representation. Following a feminist institutionalist approach, this article aims at disentangling under what circumstances compliance with legislative quotas is greater. By looking at the different party institutional contexts in which candidates are selected, a double comparative framework is set. Firstly, we examine within country how legislative quotas affect political parties with dissimilar strategies to pursue equal gender representation. Secondly, we analyse across countries how they impact on political parties with differently institutionalized voluntary quotas. The article shows that legislative quotas are nested in political parties' candidate selection process and that existing gendered practices and norms limit the effective compliance with such measures.
Political parties,Candidate selection,Gender quotas,Feminist institutionalism,Portugal,Spain
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