Working paper
Managing Volunteering Behaviour: The Drivers of Donations Practices in Religious and Secular Organisations
Madalena Eça de Abreu (Abreu, M. E.); Raul Laureano (Laureano, Raul M. S.); Rui Vinhas da Silva (Vinhas da Silva, Rui); Pedro Dionísio (Pedro Dionísio); Faridah Alwi (Faridah Alwi);
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Abstract: The present research deals with donations practices and the extent to which drivers of donations practices contribute to volunteering behavior. The paper aims to deepen the understanding of the relationship between volunteerism and key drivers in donating behavior and donations practices, thus allowing charities to pursue more efficient ways in which to elicit volunteer work as well as better manage fundraising practices. It is argued that gender, age, religious affiliation, compassion, altruism, egoism, and religiosity impact on the level of volunteerism of the donor. A sample of 612 Portuguese donors was selected from within a population of donors that donate regularly to charitable institutions. The key findings of the current study are grounded on the idea of interaction between the volunteering behavior of a donor and both his level of religiosity and his religious affiliation. With regard to other drivers of donations practices, it was found that both altruism and compassion are positively correlated with donor volunteerism.
Volunteerism, pro-social behavior, religiosity, donations practices