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Mapping cultural policy in Portugal: From incentives to crisis
José Luis Garcia (Garcia, J. L.); João Teixeira Lopes (Lopes, J. T.); Teresa Duarte Martinho (Martinho, T.); José Soares Neves (Neves, JS); Rui Telmo Gomes (Gomes, RT); Vera Borges (Borges, V.);
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InternatIonal Journal of Cultural Policy
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Taking into account the course of cultural policy in democratic Portugal, and against the backdrop of the international crisis of 2008 and the sovereign debt crisis of 2011, this article seeks to interpret recent changes in the cultural sector in Portugal. Using both qualitative and quantitative methods it focuses on three main aspects: institutionalisation of democratic cultural policy; government funding; cultural organizations and facilities. The 2008 crisis put an end to a period in which investment tended to grow. We place Portugal in the broader European context, concluding that the Portuguese cultural scene may once again diverge from that of other European countries.
Cultural policy,Public expenditure on culture
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