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Match fixing: the new corrupt threat of football
Marcelo Moriconi (Moriconi, M.);
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VII Congresso Associação Portuguesa Ciência Política
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Match fixing has become one of the most prominent issues on the agenda of modern football governance. The main institutions that govern the sport must joined forces with institutions such as Europol to start studying, understanding and preventing the scourge. This paper presents a systematization of the conceptualizations of the problem and prevention policies that have been stipulated and putting in practice in some European countries to regulate and combat this phenomenon. A discursive analysis of the theoretical and technical approaches that seek to understand and regulate it shows a simplification of the problem that may generate a snowball of inefficiency in public policy. European football institutions insists in consider match-fixing basically as a problem relating with on line betting and controlled by Asian criminal organizations. This perspective does not allow studying the phenomenon from a broad perspective that incorporates the delegitimization of the Olympic values in contemporary football.
match fixing - corruption . football - Europe