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Multilevel research in the field of organizational behavior: an empirical look at 10 years of theory and research
Patrícia Costa (Costa, P. l.); Ana Graça (Graça, A. M.); Pedro Silva (Marques-Quinteiro, P.); Catarina Marques Santos (Santos, C. M.); António Caetano (Caetano, A.); Ana Passos (Passos, A. M.);
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During the last 30 years, significant debate has taken place regarding multilevel research. However, the extent to which multilevel research is overtly practiced remains to be examined. This article analyzes 10 years of organizational research within a multilevel framework (from 2001 to 2011). The goals of this article are (a) to understand what has been done, during this decade, in the field of organizational multilevel research and (b) to suggest new arenas of research for the next decade. A total of 132 articles were selected for analysis through ISI Web of Knowledge. Through a broad-based literature review, results suggest that there is equilibrium between the amount of empirical and conceptual papers regarding multilevel research, with most studies addressing the cross-level dynamics between teams and individuals. In addition, this study also found that the time still has little presence in organizational multilevel research. Implications, limitations, and future directions are addressed in the end.
Business; Cross-level; Management; Multilevel; Organizational systems; Social sciences
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