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Musical alterities in suburban neighbourhoods of Lisbon. Sound of jazz as a way to transform urban practices
Ricardo Bento (Bento, Ricardo);
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Inequality and uncertainty: current challenges for cities, Urban Sociology – ESA III Midterm Research Network 37 (RN37), realizada em 29 de junho de 2018, na Universidade Nacional de Educación a Distancia (UNED) em Madrid
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This urban ethnography departs from following up the roots and routes of some actors that participate in a jazz orchestra oriented towards social inclusion. The project was first created in 2009, by means of a pre-existing school orchestra, and the main objectives were to develop a cultural and musical dimension in a public schools of poor neighbourhoods, where teenagers had a high reproof rate. On the other hand, we have been observing the proliferation of youth cultures of these marginalized regions act by themselves, creating new musical performances. With the intervention of State budget measures and other local power structures music teachers were hired to organize these artistic performances. In this particular case, the presence of the 'elite' worlds of classical music and jazz, in these suburban neighbourhoods, tend to reveal relationships that draw a shift in meaning from both the places and the representations of the practices themselves. The jazz band allows not only a change, by means of improvisation expressions and different music genres interpretations, but also in networks of contacts with other musicians and teachers who participate in the local music scenes of the Lisbon downtown. Nonetheless, despite the uncertainty that surround these artistic activities the performances subsist by different youth cultures who connect to each other, trying to use the realms of the public sphere, cooperating to maintain their ideals and develop their singular capacities. Thus, I will analyse how the construction of these new social interactions combine with the processes of artistic and social activism that have been happening in a systematized way, namely with regard to emerging musical performances like underground and rap music that challenge and confront the power barriers who prevent a more engaged and collaborative city.
artistic activism,music,social inclusion