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On the experience of change: The benting of work-related courses in a organizational change context.
João Vasco Coelho (Coelho, J. V.);
8th Conference of the European Sociological Association "Conflict, Citizenship and Civil Society", European Sociological Association (ESA)
Reino Unido
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This paper deals with the relation that exists between work-life courses, and the adaptation response patterns that are developed by the individuals, in a organizational environment that has undergone an accelerated change in work organisation, qualification profiles and socialisation modes. One particular hypothesis is brought to examination: as a result of a organizational change context, the type of individual work orientation that is developed depends of the result of a conflictive experience, related with the dismantling of the conventional work forms and career paths, and the kind of subjective strategy that is used in the internalisation of work-related changes. A double focus of analysis is used to accomplish the research purposes. In one hand, a case study approach is used to portrait and analyze the historical evolution of a large scale portuguese company, responsible for the (semi-public) electricity providing services, a transformation that is considered a significant social context for professional experiences. In other hand, the actors` perspective is illustrated, in terms of the sense-making strategies applied in the comprehension of professional experiences, and in the subjective evaluation of a specific labour setting reconfiguration, and the strategies of affiliation related with that changing work setting.