PandPAS Social Survey Report
Sandra Mateus (Mateus, S.); Paulo Santos (Santos, P.); Cristina Santinho (Santinho, Cristina); Ana Raquel Matias (Matias, A.R.); Filipa Pinho (Pinho, Filipa); Teresa Seabra (Seabra, T.); Adam Alalou (Al-Alou, A.); et al.
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The study presented herein was carried out within the framework of the PandPAS - Pre and Post Arrival Schemes project, and had four interrelated goals. On one hand, to portray the refugees’ population. On the other hand, to highlight their experiences, concerns and needs, and allow their voice to be heard. Finally, to contribute to the knowledge about the conditions of integration of refugees but also to inform and improve public policies. It also intends to improve people’s understanding of the decision-relevant issues and inspire actions and political change. The survey was multi-sited and focused on the common experiences of integration in six cities in five European countries: Padua and Venice in Italy, Maribor in Slovenia, Zagreb in Croatia, Nicosia in Cyprus, and Lisbon in Portugal. It draws from the results of semi-structured interviews and focus groups with 148 participants, including asylum seekers and refugees, relevant stakeholders and local citizens. Operational staff, decision makers, wider public and the refugees themselves are important targets of the PandPAS project, to whom this report is addressed. In this respect, the report is intended to be accessible, focused, fit for discussion with non-specialist audiences and to be used as training resource.
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Relatório anual de projecto internacional

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