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People Management In Healthcare: The Challenges in the Era of Digital Disruption
Alzira Duarte (Duarte, A.); Generosa do Nascimento (Nascimento, G.); Francisco Nunes (Nunes, F. G.);
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Future Health Scenarios: AI and Digital Technologies in Global Healthcare Systems
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Estados Unidos da América
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Technological, social, and demographic evolution of modern times has brought new challenges to organizations in general and to healthcare services in particular. The way in which technology, especially information and communication technologies, has evolved, in a paradigm of digital disruption, largely determines how the delivery of health services is ensured at present and how it will be in the future. Strongly anchored to specialized knowledge and services that are increasingly customized, this sector will have to guarantee the conditions for integrating the effects of the so-called Revolution 4.0 and will have to take the opportunity to timely create the conditions for its integration into a true “Super smart society – Society 5.0”. The complementarity between human resources and technology, especially from a perspective of “ubiquitous computing”, comes to pose new challenges. And it also demands an integrated approach to people management that synergistically meets the needs of professionals, organizations, and society – Integrated People Management 4.0. This chapter proposes to reflect on the evolution of provision of healthcare and also that of organization service models, considering the role of digital disruption in the way people management integrates these new challenges.