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Performing national-identity: the many logics of producing national belongings in public rituals and events
Denis Zuev (Zuev, D.); Fabian Virchow (Fabian Virchow);
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Nations and Nationalism
Estados Unidos da América
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National-identity can be generated, promoted and exercised in multiple ways. Individuals can celebrate it in private or reclusive settings or it might be spread by media outlets or be part of procedures and processes through which nationstates foster the integration of its inhabitants into the national community. State authorities also try to ensure that citizenship is not simply a legal status but that it brings with it a certain amount of identification with the particular nation. This special-themed section is dedicated, however, to problematising issues related to the performance and demonstration of national-identity by means of public rituals: festivals, protest events, rallies, demonstrations, national day or other holiday celebrations.
Nationalism, Marches, Symbolic politics, Radical
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