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Pesquisa qualitativa: o debate em torno de algumas questões metodológicas
Filomena Santos (Santos, F.);
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Revista Angolana de Sociologia
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The article analyzes, based on my experience of qualitative research, the importance of comprehensive interview [Kaufmann 1996] to sociology. More than a technique, this type of methodology, flexible and versatile, is closely linked to a «sociology» herself «comprehensive». Result of a theoretical diverse constellation, the comprehensive interview is a different way of constructing the sociological object and fabricate the theory, as opposed to the classic model, and its derivatives, rather criticized by ethnosociology theorists. Above all, due to the use of standardized methodologies and too rigid, they hide, often a very poor interpretation, make it very difficult to «discovery» of new questions and lead to a «sociology without imagination». Also discussed in the text, issues related to the «principle of saturation» and the gender of the interviewer/ researcher, and other influences, from the confrontation with our own experience in the field.
Pesquisa qualitativa, Entrevista compreensiva, Etnossociologia, Grounded theory, Validade, Representatividade, Género
  • Sociologia - Ciências Sociais