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Polycentrism as a Multi-Scalar Relationship Between Urban and Rural Areas: The Case of Portugal
Renato Miguel do Carmo (Carmo, R. M. );
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European Planning Studies
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This article introduces a reflective analysis of polycentrism. Since the 1990s, polycentrism has provided the foundation for countless spatial planning policies in Europe. Most studies highlight the importance of cities and towns as the principal nodes for regional development. This article discusses whether polycentrism is the best planning solution for managing the imbalances and relationships between urban and rural areas. Empirically, it will focus on the polycentric discourse that has recently gained strength in Portugal, by evaluating the national spatial planning policy programme and its consequences for regional development. It will make a comparative analysis between the national spatial development perspective proposed by the programme and certain sociological findings that characterized the rural areas caught out between urbanization and marginalization. This will be illustrated with research on the Alentejo region, one of the largest rural areas in Portugal.
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