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Portuguese Emigrant Entrepreneurship in London, Andorra, Nice and Monaco
Maria Ortelinda Gonçalves (Gonçalves, Ortelinda); Paulo J.A. da Cunha (Paulo J. A. da Cunha); Ana Maria Romão (Romão, Ana Maria); Eduardo Duque (Duque, Eduardo); Filipa Pinho (Pinho, Filipa); Jorge Carvalho Arroteia (Arroteia, Jorge); José da Silva Ribeiro (Ribeiro, José da Silva); José Menezes (Menezes, José); Judite Ferreira Coelho (Judite Ferreira Coelho); Paula Remoaldo (Paula Remoaldo); Sara Magalhães (Sara Magalhães); et al.
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After addressing the "state of the art" about migrant entrepreneurship, and reviewing the literature and methodological description, the reader is invited to "travel", separately, through the various territories analyzed, in the sense of an individualized perception and focused to the regional scale, to which follows a final and conclusive analysis of the set of the diverse territories. Concomitantly, a brief appointment is made on the virtual presence of the Portuguese entrepreneurs in internet, namely in social networks, giving the reader a more deterritorialized perspective on the diaspora. The emigration, always seen throughout History as a kind of social "exhaust valve" in territories in crisis, might also be seen as a huge opportunity for the depopulated regions, or even for the increase of the inner European market, so economically shaken in the last years and without consistent solutions at sight. It is also this intention that we intend to consolidate, through a better understanding of the history of migrations and the full perception of the impacts and quantification of the real contributions of immigrants (also) to the receiving economies.