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Portuguese policies in Media Education: the role of professional journalists
Miguel Crespo (Crespo, M.); Vitor Tomé (Tomé, V.); Sofia Branco (Branco, S.); Isabel Nery (Nery, I,);
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Media Literacy in a MEdia-Rich Ecology
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This presentation is focused on the results of a Media Literacy pilot-project (2017-2019) developed by the Portuguese Journalists Union, with the support from the Portuguese Ministry of Education, which main aim was to train up to 100 middle school teachers (through a certified training course) nationwide, through a certified in-service teacher training course taught by professional journalists (previously trained in Media Literacy by the end of 2017), and then certified as teacher trainers in Media Literacy and Journalism by the Scientific and Pedagogical National Council. The pilot-project was developed from January to April 2019, followed a mixed-method approach, focused on action-research, and the teachers attending the course were asked to design and develop Media Literacy activities involving their students, their parents and other community members. Data were collected through questionnaires, observation, and interviews. Preliminary findings showed: teachers welcome Media Literacy training courses and were able to develop activities involving their students without changing their previous pedagogical plans; journalists were able to collaborate directly with teachers and students; when school board members are involved the projects are easy to implement; there is a need to motivate parents and other community members to participate; projects will need regular monitoring; and that a good practices handbook is very welcome.
Media education,media literacy,public policies,professional journalists,in-service-teacher training.