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Rock in Rio business model – an exploratory approach
Tatiana Dinis Ribeiro (Ribeiro, T. D.); Pedro António Ferreira (Ferreira, P. A.); Maria João Vaz (Vaz, M. J.);
KISMIF International Conference - Keep It Simple, Keep It Fast!
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The scope of this paper is the Rock in Rio’s (RIR) Business Model (BM). The concept of creating shared value (CSV) is integrated for a better understanding of the company’s sustainability program. The main goal is the construction of RIR’s BM based on Canvas BM. The research method used was qualitative and focused on a case study. Data was collected from sixteen public interviews, with a total length of five hours, and sixteen public documents, with a total of ten pages, available in different formats (video, digital and print). Content analysis was used to process data and deliver results. The main limitation found during the research was the lack of direct information, due to untimely response to a questionnaire sent to RIR’s managers, which conditioned the enhancement of data triangulation and obtaining information related to the use of CSV in the company's sustainability program.
Musiness model,Canvas business model,Rock in Rio,Creating shared value