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Shifting to green economy: Hype or hope for entrepreneurs into medicinal and aromatic plants?
I. Almeida (Almeida, I.); J.M. Vilas-Boas da Silva (Silva, J.); Marco Leite (Leite, M.);
Proceedings 21st EurOMA Conference
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This research aimed at finding out if rural development concerning medicinal and aromatic plants (MAP), in Portugal, was sufficiently consolidated to be considered an alternative lifestyle. Secondary data collected from a panel of 12 high-level experts enabled to picture the sector. Operations were the core knowledge area that helped to find out the implementation of the existing social platform into a technological solution to support a virtual collaborative effort among the stakeholders, as the main requirement to consolidate the sector. The required role of State was also defined as holistic, integrative, supportive, despite not-regulative, to implement a broad MAP policy.
Virtual supply chain,Sustainability in green economy,Medicinal and aromatic plants (MAP)
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