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Socio-demographic characteristics and consumption patterns of drug users: syntesis of outcome research at a TC for a 10 year range
Susana Henriques (Henriques, S.); Pedro Candeias (Candeias, P.);
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Therapeutic Communities
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Purpose – Therapeutic communities (TCs) are one of the existent social responses in helping drug users overcome addiction and pursue social reintegration. The purpose of this paper is to present and discuss the general characteristics of about 200 drug users and their addiction and those of addicts abroad treated in a TC and clinically discharged. The analysis now presented is the first empirical approach to capture social regularities and singularities that are present in these individuals’ reintegration strategies. Design/methodology/approach – The data have a ten-year range – from 1999 to 2009 – and were statically analysed. Findings – They show a group of individuals with low qualifications reflected in their professional occupation, from which family is an essential support. These data also show a significant prevalence of heroin, alcohol, cocaine and polydrug uses, highlighting the need to consider new use patterns and new synthetic substances. Originality/value – TC have been little studied, mainly in Portugal.
Alcohol, Sociology, Therapeutic communities, Quantitative research, Substance dependence, Drugs
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