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Sociology of modern work: work and workers in complex organizations
Paulo Pereira de Almeida (Almeida, P. P.);
The book focuses on the differences between work in the service sector and industrial work. The book constitutes an original essay and synthesis about the specificities of work organization in the “third/service” sector. Modern Work proposes an alternative approach to the concepts of technology and the servicelization of labour in complex organizational contexts. The book addresses questions relating to the evolving patterns and politics of work, employment, management and industrial relations. Besides there are examples that depict and trace out the ways in which wider policy-making, especially by national governments impinges upon specific workplaces, occupations, and labour markets. Researchers and students completing their post-graduate researches will likely to buy the book. A considerable number of the main competing titles are written in French and are not so broad in scope or easy reading. The book is also very likely and acceptable to be used in Sociology of Work and Employment courses.