‘Stay Home Without a Home’: report from a webinar on the right to housing in Covid-19 lockdown times
Guya Accornero (Accornero, G.); Mona Harb (Harb, M.); Alex F. Magalhães (Magalhães, A. F.); Felipe G. Santos (Santos, F. G.); Giovanni Semi (Semi, G.); Samuel Stein (Stein, S.); Simone Tulumello (Tulumello, S.); et al.
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Radical Housing Journal
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This Update reports from a webinar on the impacts on the right to housing and linked political struggles of the lockdown measures put in place globally amid the Covid-19 pandemic. Three main threads emerged through the conversation: the impacts of the pandemic are deepening pre-existing housing inequalities, while governments’ responses are largely insufficient; activists and contentious actors worldwide are changing their framings and repertoires to adapt to lockdown measures and attempt to radicalise their action; possibilities, albeit limited, are opening for the construction of global networks of struggle.
Social movements,Housing politics,Coronavirus,Global activism,Rent strike
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