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Student and Retiree Mobilities
Liliana Azevedo (Azevedo, L.); Katrin Sontag (Sontag, K.); Silva Lässer (Lässer, S.);
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The Handbook of Culture and Migration [no prelo]
Estados Unidos da América
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Students and retirees are exemplifying the limits of general notions of migration: They move temporarily, internally, or live multi-locally, and have been interpreted as liminal migrants. Both are usually regarded as privileged migrants – moving from the Global South to the Global North (students) and vice versa (retirees). We introduce different approaches to the study of student and retiree migration and discuss why this kind of interpretation and grouping is problematic. We argue that both movements are heterogenous and that individual migrants can connect different kinds of migration and mobility. To show this, we discuss examples from our research on student and retiree migrants that have not received as much attention yet: refugee students and return retiree migrants.
international student mobility,refugee students,international retirement migration,retirement return migration,mobility
  • Sociologia - Ciências Sociais
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