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Student-centered and ICT-enabled learning models in veterinarian programs: what changed with COVID-19?
Eva Gonçalves (Gonçalves, E.); Luís Capucha (Capucha, L.);
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Education Sciences
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COVID-19 highlighted higher education’s resistance to implementing the student-centered and ICT (information and communication technology)-enabled learning practices as incentivized by the Bologna Declaration. ICTs were crucial to keep the students in educational programs during the outbreak; however, some students were left out, increasing socioeconomic differences, and many teachers needed the training to provide online lectures effectively. Despite those barriers, the current context could be an opportunity to invest in new teaching and learning practices. The main goal of this research is to analyze how teachers and students from veterinary programs in Portugal adapted to the digital environment, and perceive whether this change imposed by COVID-19 could provide teachers and higher institutions with new solutions to implement effective student-centered and ICT-enabled learning models. Results show that veterinary programs are based on student-centered practices by nature, but that the use of ICTs is still incipient. Teachers, students, and members from the Professional Order claim that the worst change brought by COVID-19 was the cancellation of hands-on sessions, impoverishing the students’ education during the time of mandatory confinement. Actors say that it is important to invest in innovative teaching and learning practices enabled by ICTs in the future.
We must acknowledge Ana Patrícia Santos, Lara Querido, and Sara Nunes, the other members of our team on the project “The profession of veterinarians in Portugal”, because they were vital to the completion of fieldwork.
Learning models,Use of ICTs,Higher education,Veterinarian education,COVID-19
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