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Synchronizing movement and perception: determinants and predictors of body-sense
Anabela Pereira (Anabela Pereira);
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Body and Time. Bodily Rhythms and Social Synchronism in the Digital Media Society
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The sharing of bodily experiences, whether in face-to-face interactions or through individual practices, can influence a person’s psychological and physical well-being. The mediating mechanisms influencing body-sense through time are, however, poorly understood. The present study concerns this mechanisms and how movement can have an impact on such a bodily sense. Through a variety of variables defining movement such as strength, balance, technique, energy, flexibility, coordination, resistance and velocity, this analysis measures the impact of movement in body-sense understood as the human ability to feel and experience the body in all its essence and aspects. This analysis shows that it is meaningfully possible to improve perception in the presence of movement, and that people using their bodies in a active way, are more aware of that sense than others that doesn’t perform such actions. Using a Regression analysis and measuring the presence (or absence) of those variables between different individuals practicing different physical activities, this analysis shows how synchronicity between ‘movement’ and ‘body’, people’s habits, and ‘rhythms’ affects their body-sense.
body-sense; movement; regression analysis; bodily rhythms; perception