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Teachers perceptions about physical education and physical education: a typology
Lúcia Gomes (Lúcia Gomes); Madalena Ramos (Ramos, M.); João Martins (João Martins); Joana Claro (Joana Claro); Francisco Carreiro da Costa (da Costa, F. C.);
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AISEP World Congress 2018
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Background and purpose: Schools and Physical Education (PE) have been identified as important organizations for the promotion of physically active lifestyles in young people. Effective organizational climate requires sustained collaboration and shared values among school community members. Considering that all teachers must play a role in health-related education of their students the present study sought to characterize perceptions about PE of other subject teachers. Methods: 297 teachers answered to a questionnaire about past experience in PE, status and PE aims, relationship between physical activity (PA) and academic performance (AP) and knowledge about PA guidelines . Multiple Correspondence Analysis (MCA) in articulation with the Analysis of Clusters was used to identify teachers’ profiles. Results: 3 profiles were found. Profile 1 were characterized by considering that: PA does not affect AP, PE must be optional, PE promotes learning about sports, and that their past experience was neutral. Profile 2 were mainly composed by teachers who have very good experiences in PE, associated with the idea that aims of PE is promoting good morals and declare that PE should be compulsory and examinable, and that PA benefits AP. Finally, profile 3, refers to teachers with very bad experiences in PE, considerer that PA negatively affects AP, admit that PE could be compulsory but non-examinable and judge PE as a way of catharsis. The 3 Profiles identify as well, PE important for promotion of healthy lifestyles. Conclusions: These results support the significance of the earliest good experiences in PE to generate attitudes that value PE. PE is still a peripheral subject in school context. Finally, PE teachers in addition to their work in classes should be able to function in the school with other subject teachers, advocating the importance of PE in promoting health and active lifestyles.