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The Body – Elective Regularities: Self-Image, Representation, and Practice
Anabela Pereira (Anabela da Conceição Pereira);
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XVII ISA World Congress of Sociology, Gothenburg, Sweden, 11-17 July 2010.
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In the reflexive modernization extent, we have been observed several metamorphoses through which body and consequently identity have been assuming new forms, other ways of being and acting, other elective affinities that in the pursuit of fusional proximity reappears in diverse artistic settings and practices. Identity is in this scenario a visual construction of a common experience transformed into a personal narrative which emerges in the works of artists who perform an exertion on their image or body, and on those that give their own body to representation, becoming therefore a visual project where expressions such as fusion and separation, equality and difference, identification and uniqueness, congenital and embodied dispositions achieve evidence. This includes a particular place, the individual dialogue and interaction - embodiment – it’s inter-subjective relationship of vital importance to the analysis of such a subject matter - the body - and therefore of identity in contemporary artists working on body issues, suggesting that an explanation follows from the particular identity and/or practice according to its essential or defining characteristics. As a result, body images emerge as a powerful instrument used to organize our relation to the world and to our lives. They are unlimited, a principle of repetition as the habitus itself and artists self production, a move towards transmission and perception, permitting us to discuss, in conclusion, the construction of identity in this artists and their embodied practices as well as the corporeal objectifications in artistic expression and agency given their power and high repercussion.
Body, self-image, artistic practice, visual represention