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The Digital Cities and Regions Program in Portugal: a Critical Evaluation
Maria João Simões (Maria João Simões); SANTOS, Domingos (SANTOS, Domingos);
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52nd Congress of the European Regional Science Association:
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This paper presents the main results of an in-depth pioneer research project in the study of digital cities and regions in Portugal. Unlike many other researches that subscribe a technocentric approach, in this research a more sophisticated theoretical framework was adopted focusing on institutional and organizational, as well as on technological factors that, in their inter-relation, influence the outcomes of the different cities and regions. Strengths and weaknesses of the digital cities and regions projects in Portugal are identified, comprising their conception and accomplishment. We also present a set of recommendations which can contribute to the debate and to social learning processes regarding policy formulation, project design and implementation as well as the practices of regional actors in Portugal and other countries of EU. Another primordial objective of the authors is to extend the theoretical and conceptual reflection; we propose namely that the digital cities and regions embrace a more adequate semantics, adopting the designation of knowledge cities and regions.
digital cities and regions,regional innovation systems,knowledge-based development,networks,accessibilities,governance
  • Sociologia - Ciências Sociais