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The effect of numerical and textual information on visual engagement and perceptions of AI-driven persona interfaces
Joni Salminen (Salminen, J.); Ying-Hsang Liu (Liu, Y.-H.); Sercan Şengün (Şengün, S.); João M. Santos (Santos, J. M.); Soon-Gyo Jung (Jung, S.-G.); Bernard J. Jansen (Jansen, B. J.);
IUI '20: Proceedings of the 25th International Conference on Intelligent User Interfaces
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In an experiment, we present 38 marketing and data analysts professionals with two online AI-driven persona interfaces, one using numbers and the other using text. We employ eye tracking, think-aloud, and a post-engagement survey for data collection to measure perception and visual engagement with the personas along 7 constructs. Results show that the use of numbers has a mixed effect on the perceptions and visual engagement of the persona profile, with job role as a determining factor on whether numbers/text affect end users for 2 of the constructs. The use of numbers has a significant positive effect on user perceptions of usefulness by analysts but a significantly negative effect on user perceptions of completeness for both marketers and analysts. The use of numbers decreases the perceived completeness of the personas for both marketer and analysts. This research has both theoretical and practical consequences for AI-driven persona development and their interface design, suggesting that the inclusion of numbers can have a desirable effect for certain roles but with possible negative effects on user perceptions.
Personas,Information design,User study,Experiment
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