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The Europeanization of collective action – a cartography of an European Social Forum
Inês Pereira (Pereira, I.); Nuno Nunes (Nunes, N.); Britta Baumgarten (Baumgarten, B.);
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Contemporary and Historical Social Movements and Popular Protests
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In recent years social movements consolidated their performance as global players, building transnational networks and sharing ideologies and action repertoires. Leading this trend is the alter-globalization movement, built upon alliances of scattered movements united under a common frame: fighting corporate globalization and global capitalism. Still, global mobilization coexists with national and regional struggles and different countries have distinct levels of involvement with global networks and events. On this presentation, we propose to address the European dimension of mobilization. We will particularly focus at the organizational structures of the European Social Forum in Malmö 2008. We’ll explore a database of collectives present in the ESF 2008, using a double approach. In one hand, we’ll describe systematically the different organizations present, according to their type and geographic origin. On the other hand, we’ll use social networks analysis, in order to understand the alliances and partnerships formed in the preparation of the event, looking, for instances, at the joint organization of seminars and other activities. With its focus on the structure of cooperation between movement actors from different organizational, thematic and national backgrounds, the paper contributes to research on transnational social movement activism.
Social movements; Europeanization; European Social Forum