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To be or not to be an excellent football referee: different experts’ viewpoints
João Aragão e Pina (Aragão e Pina, J.); Ana Passos (Passos, A. M.); Helena Carvalho (Carvalho, H.); Michael Maynard (Maynard, M. T.);
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Journal of Sports Sciences
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Football is central to the lives of countless individuals around the globe. While most of the attention of those passionate about the sport is focused on the players, football referees are often just as important in shaping the outcome of the games. Therefore, research is increasingly examining the role of referees. Even so, our understanding of the factors that create an excellent football referee is still scarce. Based on our analysis of the opinions of 24 football experts, we demonstrate the multidimensionality of excellence in the performance of football referees. From a Categorical Principal Components Analysis (CatPCA), we were able to pinpoint that football referee excellence is shaped by three distinct dimensions: individual preparation, game preparation and game management. Additionally, we were able to see if these perceptions were different from individuals “within” the game versus those “outside” the game. Namely, we used CatPCA to graphically display the main correlations between the latent dimensions of football refereeing performance and the “inside” and “outside” perspective of the game. The findings of our work contribute towards the knowledge of the factors that shape football referee excellence, while also highlighting areas in need of additional research attention.
Performance excellence,Football referees,Categorical Principal Components Analysis (CatPCA)
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