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Transformative community mental health: perspectives from Portugal and Europe
Margarida Gaspar de Matos (De Matos, M. G.); José Ornelas (Ornelas, J.); Maria Vargas-Moniz (Vargas-Moniz, M.); João Goução (Goulão, J.); Luís Capucha (Capucha, L.); Pedro Calado (Calado, P.);
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International Journal of Psychology and Neuroscience
Estados Unidos da América
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In the context of the agreement protocol celebrated between APA (American Psychological Association) and OPP (Ordem dos Psicólogos Portugueses) was held in San Francisco, for the 156 th edition of APA annual convention an invited symposium. Were invited speakers the first two of authors of this paper, and the symposium held this same title: Transformative community mental health: perspectives from Portugal and Europe. This symposia was chaired by Amanda Clinton, Director of the Office of International Affairs from APA and was registered the presence of some of the representative from European Associations of Psychologists (including the delegation of OPP), and the presence of the Portuguese diplomatic representation in San Francisco, represented by the Consul General of Portugal in San Francisco. This brief note aims at synthetizing the main ideas flowing from this debate, highlighting the importance of having two Portuguese researchers reporting not only the contemporary views on prevention and promotion but also successful case studies from Portugal and from Europe in the area of Transformative Community Mental Health. Some aspects of the trajectory of scientific knowledge in recent decades and their impact on interventions in the area of Psychology, Public Health, Mental Health and Public Policies will be highlighted, and three case studies related to successful psychological interventions and three successful national public policies will be shortly discussed.
Health promotion,Prevention,Transformative mental health,Public policy
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