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Who cares? Civil society organizations as healthcare life vest for migrants in post troika Portugal
Beatriz Padilla (Padilla, B.); Simone Castellani (Castellani, S.); Vera Rodrigues (Rodrigues, V.);
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Journal of Ethnic and Migration Studies
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Reino Unido
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In Southern European societies such as the Portuguese, family and civil society play a relevant role in welfare policies, acting as complementary or supplementary ‘safety-nets’ to the state. In times of crises, migrants’ access to healthcare is not only questioned but put at risk. This paper unveils the specific roles played by Civil Society Organisations’ (CSOs) in providing healthcare to migrants in the aftermath of TROIKA in Portugal. By categorising different types of CSOs based on their articulation with the State, and the health service delivery model adopted, we show how CSOs configure themselves differently ranging from ‘service delivers’ to migrants’ ‘advocates’, adopting responses that vary between aid to co-production.
Health welfare,Civil society,Migration,Portugal,Troika
  • Sociologia - Ciências Sociais