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Women´s Rights in the Thought of Amilcar Cabral
Antonieta Rosa Gomes Vamain (Antonieta Rosa Gomes );
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Colloque International - Amilcar Cabral: Cinquante Ans Aprés 1973-2023
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For the written works and speeches of Amilcar Cabral we observed that from an early age he defended the rights of women and the equality of citizens before the law. Her strategy of fighting for the independence of Guinea and Cape Verde was based on respect for rights, non-acceptance of colonial oppression and discrimination against women. Therefore, the women participated and shared with the men relevant tasks in the armed struggle for liberation. According to Cabral, the political emancipation of the Peoples of Guinea and Cape Verde would only be possible with the participation of all (men and women). On the discrimination of women in African societies, Cabral argued that the liberation of women would be their own work for their action, participation and uncompromising defense of their dignity. In the 1960s, the nationalist movements of the African continent that stood against colonial oppression defended the need for women's emancipation and the sharing of tasks between men and women based on equality. Despite some achievements over the years, the rights and appreciation of the role of women continue to be claimed in African societies in general, which still do not treat women equally with men, particularly in the country that Amilcar Cabral liberated, Guinea-Bissau. Women's rights according to Cabral's thinking will be analyzed in theory and practice, based on gender theory, in three moments: during the national liberation struggle; after the independence of Guinea-Bissau and Cape Verde and, at present, African. Testimonies of Cabral's legacy on the defense of women's rights and the importance of its role in development will be collected.
Amilcar Cabral,women's rights,development,Africa