Resumo CV
Renato Lopes da Costa is however recognized for his work in academic terms, having published more than a hundred scientific articles in the main international business management journals index by scopus and Wos and, 9 books in the same scientific area.  Throughout his career for several years he developed his business activity in the areas of retail and banking, developing projects of an operational nature in the areas of banking and management control in the retail area. Renato Lopes da Costa completed his doctorate in the area of ¿¿business strategy at ISCTE - University of Lisbon, where he developed a pioneering work on the practices and praxis used by management consultants in the development of their work in client companies, contributing to the state of the art in scientific area of ¿¿business strategy in the field of strategy-as-practice research. Renato Lopes da Costa also has the title of Habilitation in Management conferred by the University Institute of Lisbon, completed in 2022. As a university professor, he supervised more than two hundred of masters and doctorates in the area of ¿¿business management, being recognized for this valence, as well as for his teaching ability in the area of ¿¿business strategy in undergraduate, master's, executive master's and doctorate degrees, nationally and internationally. Having conducted several courses at Portugal universities, he is currently director of the MscBA - Master in Business Administration at ISCTE (being listed on the prestigious lists of the Financial Times as one of the best European courses in the scientific area of ¿¿management) and Diretor of the Global Master Series INDEG in Business Management, Marketing e Finance e Risk Management. Between 2021 and 2023, Renato Lopes da Costa belonged to the scientific council of ISCTE as a member of the plenary.
Qualificações Académicas
Universidade/Instituição Tipo Curso Período
Agregação Gestão 2022 - 2022
Doutoramento Gestão Geral, Estratégia e Desenvolvimento Empresarial 2012
Mestrado Gestão 2009
Pós-graduação Retail Management 2007
Escola Superior de Ciências Empresariais
Licenciatura Gestão de Recursos Humanos 2004
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