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Projetos de Investigação
MOG-QC on the GO - Desenvolvimento de um sistema integrado de controlo da qualidade de conteúdos audiovisuais
The main objective of the project ?Quality Control on the Go? (QC OTG) is the development of a tool, integrated in the process of capture and ingest, which enables the analysis, in real time, of the quality of audio-visual content in three dimensions - video, audio and file container - in an automatic way and compliant with acquisition systems based on files and SDI . This project is promoted by the consortium formed by MOG Technologies (leader), IST, ISCTE-IUL and IPN. The new product to be developed under the scope of this project is targeted at the audio-visual and broadcast sectors (especially producers of audio-visual content), presenting a set of innovative features, of which we highlight: analysis, detection of artifacts of audio and video contents in various formats (already available or near completion, as for example Sony XAVC) and with different targets (UHDTB, HDTV, Internet, Mobile); Fully integration of the features of capture and ingest with the system of quality control of the video, audio, and file container, ensuring the operation proceeds at real time; Integration of a library with a wide range of modular functions that enable extraction and analysis of information of video and audio (semantic and syntactic); Higher efficiency of the ingest process by introducing a single step of quality control therefore reducing the necessary computational resources.Aiming at fulfilling the goals and innovative characteristics that the project proposes, the consortium has established a methodology that comprises research and industrial development activities, counting with the involvement of a total of 26 human resources of the consortium and with a total investment of 1.192.093,72 Euros (including the acquisition of equipment and expenses with activities of promotion and dissemination of the results).
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Radio resource optimization in third generation mobile systems
Study and development of general planning tools for third generation UMTS/IMT 2000 systems.
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