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Ulpan Tokkozhina is an Invited Teacher and a 3rd year PhD Researcher at ISCTE-IUL with specialization in Operations Management, Logistics and Supply Chain Management. She holds an MSc in Management degree with thesis in impact of organizational culture on job performance. Ulpan teaches Integrated Operations Management and Logistics and Supply Chain Management courses. She has co-authored book chapter in smart transportation systems. Ulpan was several times invited as a guest speaker in Mexican University Tecnológico de MonterreyHer current main research topic is blockchain technology implementation and use in supply chain context. Currently, Ulpan is involved in a research project "Fish2Fork" curated by EEA Grants and Inov Inesc Inovação, which is aimed on finding novel technological solutions for transparent and sustainable fishing and fish products consumption. 

Qualificações Académicas
Universidade/Instituição Tipo Curso Período
ISCTE-Instituto Universitario de Lisboa
ISCTE Business School - Portugal - Lisboa
Doutoramento PhD 2019 - 2022
European School of Economics
Itália - Milan
Mestrado MSc 2013 - 2015
KIMEP University
Bang College of Business - Cazaquistão - Almaty
Bacharelato BSc 2010 - 2013
Áreas de Investigação
Operations Management
Supply Chain Management
Logistics in Smart Cities
Blockchain technology
Internet Of Things (IoT)
Human Resources Management
Organizational culture
Economia e Gestão Ciências Sociais