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A Collaborative learning space: methodologies for intervention in public space
Alexandra Paio (Paio, A.); David Leite Viana (David Viana); Lígia Nunes (Lígia Nunes ); António Brito Guterrres (António Brito Guterrres); Miguel Brito (Miguel Brito );
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IV Coinference of Reginal and Urban Planning and International conference of Community Participation in Planning Emarmus+ Project. Participation in Planning and Public Policy
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The proposed paper will present a summary of the results of a innovative multidisciplinary architecture course that introduce students to emerging fields, anticipating the paradigm shift on how architects will address the professional in the world crossed by profound changes in economic, social, cultural and technological areas. People in complex urban settings embrace patterns of coexistence and social inclusion and they tend toward cooperation or conflict. So, the real challenge of the future is: how can people live better through their active participation and contribution to the future of the cities? And How concepts such as DIY (do it yourself) or DIWO (do it with others) are emerging as a new means of small collective movements in cities can be embraced? These transformations assume multiple forms and involve diverse actors and tools. Technologies are reshaping social relations and constituting new collaborative learning spaces (Latham & Sassen, 2005).
Participação,urbanismo tático