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A quasi-real virtual reality experience: point cloud navigation
Sara Eloy (Eloy, S.); Nuno Antonio da Silva (Silva, N.);
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Artificial Realities: Virtual as an aesthetic medium in architecture ideation
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This paper presents an experiment where Augmented Reality (AR) was used to simulate the flight of drones when assembling bricks to construct a wave-like wall. The performance of the robotic building process is visualized by using the simulation of the construction with an AR optical see-through device (Microsoft Hololens). Besides the technical function of drones while constructing the wall, the study aims to explore the aesthetic means of AR to simulate a building process and analyze the consequences it has to architecture design. The study discusses the potential of Artificial Realities, namely AR, to transport the user to a new world and the possibilities brought by these systems to the communication and interaction between humans and the devices. The robotic dance performed by the drones and experienced through AR enables a new experience of space and time which, when used during the architecture ideation stages, enhances a creative freedom without the boundaries of (real) reality.
Drones,Assembly,construction,augmented reality,architecture
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