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Agile project and portfolio management: A systematic literature review
Frederico Batista (Batista, F.); Leandro F. Pereira (Pereira, L.); Renato Lopes da Costa (Lopes da Costa, R.); Nelson António (António, N.);
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International Journal of Process Management and Benchmarking
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The application of agile methods (AM) in project management has shown great efficiency and remarkable results. However, these methods were born to be applied at team level and not at project portfolio level, where the complexity of managing multiple agile projects and teams leads to several challenges of resource management, priorities and governance model of the project portfolio. The systematic literature review performed in this research aims to identify which practices are the most appropriate to manage the challenges associated with agile portfolio management (APM) and which is the most appropriate context. In this literature review, 28 articles published between 2005 and 2020, related to agile, APM and scaled agile were analysed. The existing scientific literature on APM is still very limited and this research aims to establish the baseline and encourage additional empirical studies in this area. For APM practitioners, it is intended to get an understanding of the most efficient practices and techniques for managing agile project portfolios and how to ensure proper conditions for their implementation.
Agile,Agile portfolio management,APM,Scaled agile
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