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Designing the Bodily Metaverse of Lisbon
Marketa Gebrian (Gebrian, M.); Miloš Florián (Florián, M.); Sara Eloy (Eloy, S.);
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Virtual Aesthetics in Architecture Designing in Mixed Realities
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This chapter describes the experimental project Bodily Metaverse of Lisbon, presented on the NEOS VR social VR platform. The main goal of this project is to design a 3D virtual space representing an artistic interpretation of Lisbon city centre, experienced in an immersive virtual world. The project aims to develop further cross-disciplinary collaboration with programmers to implement the proposed navigation and functionality. Virtual reality environments enable non-constructible and non-gravitational elements of architecture to be designed as floating floors, transposable elements, and teleportation features. This chapter describes the design process, influenced by the experience of Lisbon, and the outcome of the Bodily Metaverse of Lisbon, as well as the new opportunities that social VR brings to architecture design. In addition, the social distancing imposed by the COVID-19 crisis has raised new questions about how we can stay connected and interact with each other when meeting friends, working, or studying online. Social VR platforms are virtual online worlds, inhabited by avatars and experienced in a very different way from how we live the real world.
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