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Direct selling: Finding consumer segments
Bráulio Alturas (Alturas, B.); Maria-Conceição Santos (Santos, M. da C.); Rui Brites (Brites, R.);
13th Recent Advances in Retailing & Services Science Conference. Book of abstracts
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This paper considers the segmentation of direct selling customers applying a quantitative approach with cluster analysis. Direct selling has been exhibited in the last decade a substantial growth in sales revenues and number of salespeople involved. Also the acceptance of the consumers is increasing; in spite of they are showing more and more demanding and informed. The literature reveals that some segmentation had been made, but we haven’t found any cluster analysis. The results show that three clusters have been identified with different characteristics. These results can have great importance for direct salespeople who seek better understanding and predict post consumption behaviours.
Direct selling,Consumer behaviour,Segmentation,Cluster analysis
  • Economia e Gestão - Ciências Sociais