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Discovering the Impact of Remote Onboarding on Wellbeing
Roba Elbawab (Elbawab, R.);
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3rd World Conference on Management and Economics (WORLDCME)
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Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, organizations had to shift to remote work. This transition has led human resource practices to move to online settings among different industries. Subsequently, remote onboarding as one of the human resource practices is implemented. Remote work is the new norm; hence remote onboarding is a new reality that emerged nowadays. The literature on onboarding focused heavily on socialization. However, Remote onboarding decreases socialization and eventually affects the employees’ wellbeing. Hence this study aims to better understand remote onboarding and assess the relationship between remote onboarding and employee wellbeing. A literature approach was used to identify the gaps. This study collected articles from the relevant literature that focused on onboarding, remote onboarding, and employee wellbeing from different sources. The results identified a gap in the literature where a scarce number of studies have addressed remote onboarding processes and employee wellbeing. The results support the need to develop an empirical study that first better understands remote onboarding. The second is to assess the relationship between remote onboarding and employee wellbeing in a remote job. Where the proposed method to be used in the future study is a survey approach and to develop online questionnaires to be distributed to remote workers. The originality of this research lies in the theme of human resources theories.
remote onboarding,onboarding,wellbeing,newcomers,remote work
  • Economia e Gestão - Ciências Sociais

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