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Envisioning world citizens? Self-presentations of an international school in Germany and related orientations of its pupils
Catharina Kessler (Kessler, C.); Heinz-Hermann Krüger (Krueger, H.-H.); Anne Schippling (Schippling, A.); Ariane Otto (Otto, A.);
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Journal of Research in International Education
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Against the backdrop of changes in global education, the German education system has undergone immense diversification. Many private schools are being founded, among them international schools catering both to an international clientele and to growing numbers of Germans. This article presents results from part of a qualitative longitudinal study on educational careers of young people and the role of peer cultures. The self-presentations of an international school centred on pupil support, lifelong learning and global citizenship are set in relation to the perspectives of their pupils in this context.
Educational careers of young people, International education in Germany, International schools, World citizenship
  • Ciências da Educação - Ciências Sociais