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Exploring the antecedents of staff turnover within the fast-food industry: the case of Hamilton, New Zealand
Asad Mohsin (Mohsin, A.); Jorge Lengler (Lengler, J.);
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Journal of Human Resources in Hospitality and Tourism
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The purpose of this study is to investigate, within four multinational fast-food chains, the relationships between job satisfaction and job turnover in Hamilton, New Zealand. The study seeks to reveal the antecedents of intention to leave the current job among workers. The partial least squares path modeling (SmartPLS 2.0) is used to specify a theoretical model for analyses to identify the antecedents of satisfaction/dissatisfaction. A survey approach was undertaken to accumulate responses. Data analysis indicates that workers are not satisfied with their jobs, and this leads to increased intentions to leave. The results of the model estimation reveal that Training and Recognition, Job Security, and Loyalty are positively related with job satisfaction. The outcomes of the study support the conclusion that in order to reduce staff turnover, fast-food industry management should develop strategies with emphasis on training, recognition of the employees, creating a feeling of job security, and trying to develop loyalty amongst its employees.
Fast-food,Job security and loyalty,New Zealand,Staff turnover
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