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FDI patters of interational hotel chains
Maria-Conceição Santos (Santos, M-C.); Ana Brochado (Brochado, A.); José Esperança (Esperança, J.);
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GIKA 2016
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Main issues analysed: - The hotel industry is a typical illustration of the location boundedness. – Simultaneity of production and consumption characterize the service sector. – One of the most heavily globalized industries. – In this study, we focus on a largely internationalized hotel group – Accor – to analyze the location pattern selected by the most active foreign investor among the largest world hotel chains. Our contribution to the existing literature is three fold: we incorporate the predictions of the gravitational model, a powerful tool in the context of foreign trade, but scarcely used for FDI decisions; cultural proximity is tested through the role of language proximity based on the “open circuit” data collected by Melitz (2008); finally we extend the conventional analytical tools by using the Miles and Snow typology using fuzzy set qualitative comparative analysis.
Global Hotel,gravitational theory, fuzzy set analysis, FDI decisions, Cultural and geoghraphical distance