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How to improve operational processes using Monte Carlo simulation
Leandro F. Pereira (Pereira, L.); Nelson António (Santos, J.); Carlos Hernandez Jerónimo (Jerónimo, C.); Ricardo Santos (Santos, R.);
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International Journal of Process Management and Benchmarking
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The banking industry is changing; the future will integrate disruptive technologies which will make possible to transform their business. Between these transformations, the simulation process is seen as a considerable achievement and increment in the sector of credit request. In this research, a simulation process based in the Monte Carlo method was applied to several credit card requests in order to measure efficiency of credit process based, initially, in a normal distribution and to reproduce several scenarios and choose the one which fits better with the credit process needs. This model aims to identify the main points of deviations and perceive their respective causes. The findings of this study allowed to measure the number of full time equivalent allocated to these processes through the amount of credits requested daily. Throughout the execution of this methodology it is possible to measure the process with considerable accuracy (AS-IS) and to understand the benefits associated with the implementation of such solution. In the end, the process of credit request has become more effective due to the process optimisation and at the same time, reduced the complexity inherent to the credit card requests.
Simulation process,Monte Carlo,Banking,Credit card
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