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Human trafficking in Portugal: an ethnography of research and data
Mara Clemente (Clemente, M.);
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This paper is the result of a critical review of the literature and data on trafficking in human beings (THb) in Portugal. Among the primary characteristics of this research is the deafening silence of trafficked persons – especially migrant women in the sex trade. A wide review of research and data suggests that this silence is due to the enforcementled approach to counter trafficking and a resistance to this approach by a segment of civil society. A trafficked persons’ identity as a “victim” has contributed to political consciousness and mobilization around THb; currently, that identity contributes to denying their agency and to their silence. This review identifies the need to advance both our knowledge and practical intervention on the subject through stronger involvement by various organizations, including abolitionist and nonabolitionist NGOs. Independent research on a solid empirical basis is crucial.
Human traffcking,State of the art,Enforcement-led approach,Victim identity,Agency,Portugal
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