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Identity and change of a field: A literature analysis of the concept of social mobility
Magda Nico (Nico, Magda);
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Social mobility is one of the concepts which is the most intrinsically bound to sociology. Hence, the diachronic analysis of this concept contributes to our understanding of sociology and the way that the discipline has changed, as it turned to individual social trajectories according to different topics. Aimed at contributing to this understanding, I’ve developed a literature review based on a systematic collection of the scientific publications in social sciences directly addressing social mobility. A database with conceptual and methodological variables was compiled (N=1054) and worked on. Distinct periods in the life course of this concept have been identified, with the emergence of a scattered concept (1920–1959), the golden age of social mobility (1960–1989), followed by a period of fragmentation and resistance (1990–2012). These three periods are characterized by different methodological and geographical hegemonies, flows and volumes of publications, and also by different tendencies and theoretical and disciplinary rivalries.
Bibliometric analysis,Literature review,Social mobility,Sociology
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